Possession is the Avila Brand

By enrolling your player in an Avila Scrimmage, you can be sure the art possession will be the focus. Possession is the Avila brand.

Eryck Avila’s opinion

“Modern soccer must be played with some element of possession in order for it to be winning soccer. For whatever reason this is just a fact. It wasn’t always that way. But it is now.

Not only do youth coaches not care much about possession, but they have proven that they have no idea how to teach it. The Renaissance has not reached us yet, soccer-wise. But we are in massive growth stage when the talent and skill level of players is begging for a higher concept.”

Why is teaching posession difficult?

Possession can not be broken down with a “machete”,  what’s needed is a “scalpel”. Because Possession is actually five things, not one thing. Rest assured though, every player at Avila in the “Scrimmage Program” will be coached in 5 different ways to learn possession.

The 5 Pillars of Possession

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