Frequently Asked Questions

You can pick any time slot you want if it is available, but please note that the time spot you are picking is a weekly spot. For example, if you picked Mondays at 3:30 PM the next 15 consecutive Mondays at 3:30 PM will be your schedule; you may not mix different days and times to consume the package.

Yes, you must come in as a pair for Dual Private Lessons. But each player must purchase their own lessons at $400/player (4 Months Dual Private).

Please follow proper protocols in canceling Private Lessons by filling out the proper form.

There is a “Use it or lose it” policy for Dual Private Lessons due to the challenges of coordination and time it takes to match trainers with player. However, anyone who misses a lesson can choose an age-appropriate Small Group Class (where we often have scrimmaging going on) or a Specialty Skills Class as a make-up option.

Private Lessons can be made up in the form of scrimmaging as well. It is possible to ask for a make-up IF 1) player filled out the appropriate cancellation form and 2) there are available scrimmaging spots. Make-ups will not be guaranteed. If interested in a make-up in the form of scrimmaging, please let us know by filling out this form.

A senior Avila trainer will always be in charge of Private Lessons.

Players may attend one skills session a week. Players can choose between a Specialty Skills Class or an Age-appropriate Small Group Class. Please check the schedule for class options. Only attend classes in which you are qualified for. There is no need to sign up or reserve classes, but please remember to always check-in at the computers in the lobby prior to the class.