The Avila App is a web-based software so there is no need to download an app. The Avila App can be accessed at

¬†Quick Tip: Add to your phone’s home screen for easy access. Check out videos on how to add on iOS and Android phones.

After purchasing an Avila Program, parents/guardians will be sent an email to set up an Avila App account. Please visit the Getting Started section for further instructions.

Please text Avila App support at 512.710.6406 and provide your name and email address. An email will be sent inviting you to set up an account. This invitation is valid for 5 days.

  1. Click on My Family on the dashboard
  2. Click on the Add Player button
  3. Fill in your child’s information

See Getting Started section #4

An Avila team member will get in touch with you to verify your program details. Some features of the app may not be available before verification. This may take up to 24 hours, but if you need immediate assistance, please text 512.710.6406 and include your name and email address.