All-You-Can-Train Summer Camp

Avila Creative Soccer's Jack Imperato, a former camper, training at FC Barcelona. Xavi Simmons also in photo

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A Letter from Coach Eryck

Avila Soccer

March 9, 2015    The Zen of Soccer

This Summer, join me in my mission to develop creative players. Creativity in sports (soccer) is the union of consciousness and athletic ability. The key concept is Awareness; it is central to the Avila Method. Awareness is both mental and physical; it is instinct combined with insight. It is the ability to move to the right place physically and mentally in a combined motion.

In effect, it is the Zen of soccer.

So, if you are ready to move beyond the accepted rules of training and focus on developing creative soccer awareness, this camp is your introduction to a new level of skills performance. NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED. NO HEARTLESS MACHINES either. You'll need to stay grounded and focused–NOT IN OUTER SPACE. And most of all, NO APEX PREDATORS. Join me this summer and we'll hunt the greatness together!

Yours In Sport,
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Coach Eryck


This Summer, add color to your game

Summer is an important time for soccer players. It's when they can focus the most on training and, as a result, make huge strides in their development and transform as a player before the fall season. That's why Avila Creative Soccer's Summer Camp is so important. Because players can train all they want, they get to take their creative skills as far as they want.

All-You-Can-Train Camp

This is an all-you-can-train camp, so come everyday to attend up to two classes each day–one age-appropriate Small Group Class and one Specialty Skills Class (See descriptions below). Small Group Skills Classes and Specialty Skills Classes are always scheduled back to back, alternating throughout the day.

A Schedule that Revolves around Yours

Whether you want to come to one or two classes a day, a couple weeks or the whole summer, we offer the flexibility that will work with your busy schedule. We offer a range of classes for a range of needs–because every soccer player has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

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June 5–August 18, 2017
Monday through Friday
No camp on weekends

Summer Camp
$300 Anderson Mill & Round Rock
$400 Lakeway
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$75 off Summer Camp through 3/31/17
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Goalie Camp Only
$150 for the entire summer

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Summer Camp & Scrimmaging Package
Purchase both and get scrimmaging for half price
and Speed & Agility Free.

Speed & Agility Package
$50 add-on to Summer Camps
A parent can join their child at no extra cost!
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join Class Types
Attend up to 2 sessions daily:
1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
1 Specialty Skills Class (includes Goalie Class)
See camp descriptions below
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BELOW: View Detailed Summer Camp Schedule
with specific specialty skills classes offered 



Scheduling Classes

Summer Campers can attend up to 2 classes each day (1 Specialty Skills Class and 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class). A Speed & Agility Class can also be scheduled if purchased together with Summer Camp.

View Scheduling Instructions

Please note that scheduling will open on May 19th. Signing up for classes can be done 2 weeks at a time.


Structure and Format of the Camp

This summer, we have an "All You Can Train" package, which entitles athletes to attend Avila Soccer everyday, Monday through Friday, for the entire summer in an age-appropriate group. Each age group will be featured at least twice a day in the morning and evening, so that there will be great FLEXIBILITY in choosing your daily sessions.

And here is the amazing part, each athlete who purchases this "All You Can Train" package is also entitled to attend one SPECIALTY class each day as well. The schedule will always feature a regular class, followed by a specialty class, followed by a regular skills class, followed by a specialty class, etc. throughout the day. The effect will be that athletes will easily be able to double up each time they come to Avila Soccer.

Camp Description

Parents, have you ever watched your child on game day and thought, "If they would only be more assertive on the field!" Assertiveness starts with conviction. The player not only needs the skill set to excel but the clear understanding of what his role should be within the context of a group. For that reason, there is duality to our camp format.

Small Group is about more than just the skills. Most players are aware of the movements of the adversaries, which it turns out is of little use. In reality, it is the positions of their own teammates that they should be tracking too. Small Group uses creative skills and interactive drills to teach awareness of the unit. They learn to start off in a triangle formation, then have the confidence to abandon that form in hot pursuit of the ball, while having the mindfulness to recreate the triangle somewhere else.

Specialty Skills concentrates on the deconstruction of specific soccer skills. The entire class is used to break down one specific skill into its phases and elements using the universal mechanical principles that govern all movement. This is what we are known for and creative coaching is the key. So this Summer, our Specialty Classes will feature new curriculums from the old favorites that are proven winners. Our goal is not only development, but to surprise your child each and every time they attend. See our Specialty Skills Classes page for more detail.

New2 The Art of Nutmegging - This fun class actually takes a scientific approach to Coach Eryck's favorite skill (and laughable source of pride) Nutmegging! Tricks of the trade are revealed in this can't-miss class for the die hard!
New2 Soccer Tennis - This class is a blast! Players gain insight as they strategize and contemplate questions: Can the team in possession move their opponents into a poor position? Do they strike at the right time and play safely when needed? Can the defenders read their opponents intentions and counter them?
  Shooting Mechanics - Teaches all aspects of shooting, from plant foot positioning to angle of release. We will also work on specialty kicks, such as penalty kicks and bicycle kicks (overhead kicks). To see Shooting Mechanics being broken down, check out this video »
  Juggling - Promotes "two-footedness" and creative potential. We'll dare to deconstruct clever, artistic maneuvers that have been attempted and honed by both "playground legends" and famous professional players alike.
  Defending - Helps players gain clarity on jockeying and delaying, stabbing at the ball, shepherding, foot and hip positioning, aggressive play, decision making and slide tackling.
  Dribbling - Introduces clever moves that help your child reach a new level of brilliance.
  Tactical Awareness - Demonstrates the right positions on the field. This includes blind-side runs, seams and passing lanes, switching the point of attack, marking space versus players, sideways-on positioning, passing and moving.
  Specialty Kicks - Teaches the secrets of specialty finishing, including bicycle (overhead), scissor, banana, in-swingers, corner kicks and set pieces from outside the box.
  Perfect Penalty Kicks - Players are guided through the process and pressure associated with penalty kick taking. Everything — such as volunteering for this high-stakes moment, choosing the correct corner, approaching the ball with the correct cadence and rhythm — is reviewed.
  Goalie Class - Teaches the mechanics, techniques of diving and how to make the all-important “second save.” Our 12-inch diving mat allows players to train without fear, and in turn, develop the ferocity and skill needed to defend the goal.

Unlock Your Child's Brilliance Today

This summer break, give your child the necessary creative skills to make a difference on the field. Click on the links below to sign up for our Summer Camp while spots are available, and prepare your child to play with imagination.

Summer Break Camps

Summer Break Camp
Anderson Mill
Summer Break Camp
Summer Break Camp
Round Rock

Goalie Camp Only

Goalie Camp
Anderson Mill
Goalie Camp
Goalie Camp
Round Rock


Summer Camp + Spring Break Camp Package

Purchase both camps through January 11, 2016 and get $100 off Summer Camp + get Spring Break Camp for FREE.



Summer Camp, Scrimmaging w/ Free Speed & Agility

Purchase both camp and scrimmaging together and get scrimmaging for half price and Speed & Agility for Free. 

*After purchasing, please fill out this form to specify age, location, date, time, and level that you would like as long as there's inventory left.




Summer Camp and Speed & Agility 

Extra! Extra! Get Speed & Agility training in the mornings during the summer at your nearest indoor Avila Soccer facility. The fun part is that one of your parents or guardians gets to join the training too, and we'll see which one of you is the hardest worker! Click here for more information.

Summer Camp, Speed & Agility
Anderson Mill
Summer Camp, Speed & Agility
Summer Camp, Speed & Agility
Round Rock



Summer Camp Schedule (June 5-August 18, 2017)

To all Summer Campers:

Please use this schedule as a guide for your classes. Pick one Small Group and one Specialty Skills Class per day. 

Week 1: June 5-11, 2017 

summer camp 17 sched 1


Week 2: June 12-18, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 02


Week 3: June 19-25, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 03


Week 4: June 26-July 2, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 04


Week 5: July 3-9, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 05


Week 6: July 10-16, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 06


Week 7: July 17-23, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 07


Week 8: July 24-30, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 08


Week 9: July 31-August 6, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 09


Week 10: August 7-13, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 10


Week 11: August 14-18, 2017
Sched SC17 Page 11