Welcome to Avila Soccer

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Welcome to Avila Creative Soccer

Avila Creative Soccer offers creative indoor soccer training to help players of all ages play brilliantly through:

  • a skill deconstruction method that helps players develop at their own pace
  • an assortment of specialized classes that improve tactical awareness, fitness with the ball, creative skills, and overall confidence
  • accomplished trainers who place a strong focus on personal attention, participation, enjoyment, and individual growth.

In addition, our strong reputation for developing highly skilled players, proven stability that shows the effectiveness of our approach, and high-value packages that provide quality soccer lessons at an affordable price enable us to grow athletes that express their imagination on the field.


Eryck Avila, M.S.S.
Founder and CEO
Avila Soccer, Austin, TX

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Join us for an alternative soccer experience for both children and adults. Free of the fear of competition, you can achieve a sense of self-attainment and soccer fitness:

  • Youth and adult soccer classes tailored to each athlete's needs
  • Team Training packages, the perfect complement to coaching
  • Individualized soccer instruction, 3:1 student-to-trainer ratio typical
  • Instructors with exquisite skills and exceptional teaching ability
  • A comfortable home-like atmosphere in our lobby


Avila Creative Soccer class prices range from $59 to $134 per month for children and adults. However, there are many ways to save money through Season Passes, Specials, and more.

Free Training Session

If you feel that Avila Soccer may be a place to give your child the personal attention they need to excel at the sport they love, then we invite you to come in for a free trial. By free trial, we mean a "no-strings-attached opportunity" to come in, take part in a 45-minute lesson, and talk with other Avila Soccer families about their experience. To schedule a free trial, call us at 512-363-7992. We want to hear your story and develop a plan for meeting the soccer needs of your child. You can also get in touch with us using the Contact Us Page. We check the website several times daily and will reply to your e-mail quickly.

New to Avila Soccer?

A typical class consists of one or two instructors working with 4-8 players of similar ability in a 45-minute lesson. See when these small group classes are offered on our Schedule page. We break down moves and soccer skills into phases, and then we break each phase down further into the elements of that phase, so that children can process techniques at their own pace, giving them a sense of self-attainment. We always have fun but train with a sense of urgency.

Most of our classes take place between 3:30 PM and 9:30 PM, Monday through Friday. We offer group classes with 4-8 players per class, private lessons with 1-2 players per class, and team training with 8-14 players per class. Our students range between 5 and 60 years old, and they all have a unique story and commitment level.