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Motivate & Separate

Our levels system motivates players to be recognized and allows our trainers to separate players into appropriate groups.

Performance is more than just a skill

In 2004, we began asking "What is Performance?" Measuring a player's competency would not be easy when one considers that so many players with superior skills often play poorly on game day.

The Avila Armband Level measures the overall way a player performs in a game

Today our signature test, years in the making, has 7 categories of expertise. 5 sections on skill, but two sections on the intangible aspects of a Player's Level, such as "Soccer IQ" and "Hustle" are tested.

How many times have you noticed a player with less skill than your child getting more playing time, and having more influence on the game?

A Tool for parents was needed

Along with your exam results and designated armband color will also come a Total Performance (TP) Score. It's a diagnostic tool for measuring progress on all fronts of performance (not just skill). See below how this Avila Exclusive scale works and how you can even monitor your score to further guide development.


Level Scoring Guide3
A proper exam is helpful, but not mandatory

Exams are scheduled by appointment only. Purchase and then schedule your exam to let us know when you are coming.

Starting January 13, 2018, all exams can be scheduled on Saturdays at Anderson Mill only. See full Exam Schedule. Includes free consult.

To ensure trainers get enough notification, no same-day exam bookings please. 

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Beyond the first step did you know you could monitor your exam results?

Learn more about TPSM:

Total Performance Score Monitoring

TPSM Upgrades


What Level Are You?

Level 1
Blue New - new player in this level. Little to no experience but has the desire to play 
Blue Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level
Blue Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 2
Orange New - new player in this level. Needs work but has played a few seasons and can influence the game
Orange Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level
Orange Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 3
Green New - new player in this level. Very well-rounded player who needs fine-tuning and challenge 
Green Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level 
Green Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 4
Gold New - new player in this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure 
Gold Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level 
Gold Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 5
Black New - new player in this level. ECNL, Academy, Premier, College or Pro-bound level
Black Brand - does things in the Avila style
What Armband do you wear the first day?

You can get started and train at Avila without ever taking our Performance Assessment, but we do require an Armand be worn. Start with the Red Armband which is the default, it means Neutral. It can always be found in our lobby near the entrance to the field. Per our Dress Code, make sure that the Armband is in a visible place not covered up, for example by a sleeve.

Subjective Evaluation

On the first day, the Avila trainer will subjectively try to assign any new player the correct Level/Color based on on what they are witnessing on the spot, without the benefit of the Formal Exam.

This is the the Armband Color that the player will be required to wear going forward. If the trainer has not had time to do the "Subjective Evaluation" please continue wearing the Red Armband.

Please note: We understand that the trainer is not conducting a scientific evaluation, hence the description, "subjective".

One of the first things you may notice when you come to an Avila session is that the players have a colorful armband around their sleeves. The vast majority of them have gone through our Expertise Recognition Program. Each color denotes a certain level (blue for level 1, orange for level 2, green for level 3, gold for level 4, and black for level 5).

In the meantime, if you are new, we rely on something known as the "Subjective Evaluation." To the best of our ability, the Avila trainer will place you in the correct level/color. And that is the armband that your child or player (or you) will be required to wear. The Avila trainer will confer with other Avila trainers after having a chance to work with your child. If the trainer has not had time to do the subjective evaluation then you will be asked to wear the neutral armband which is the red one. 

Incidentally, armbands are found at the entrance to the field and each player signs them out before entering the session.

Please note: we understand that this is not a scientific evaluation and we want to add that we tend to err on the side of caution when doing the Subjective Evaluation. Either way, whether you disagree with this Subjective Evaluation or not, make sure you're aware of how to easily book an exam to challenge for a level upgrade and be recognised for your achievement.


Our levels system serves two purposes. It is a way for us to give players a performance recognition program that motivates them to excel to the next level. And at the same time, it is also a way for us to divide players into appropriate groups and subsequently time slots, so that they can train with their peers at a pace that suits them, with players also at their level.

Since the day we opened our doors, people had always asked us to develop testing so that players can be recognized for their effort and skill. Finally after years of scrutiny, we designed a signature test that not only quantifies achievement but qualifies intangible aspects of a player's level in an unprecedented way. 

So again, we use this program to motivate the player and also to know how to divide them up so that they can train at the right time and pace with their peers. 

There are 7 Categories of Expertise. Exams can happen during Specialty Classes or Age-appropriate Small Group Classes. One exam per day, per slot and by appointment only. To book the next level exams, click below.

See how you can train from 6:00-7:00 PM
Orange Ready (Provisional Scheduling)

Creating a tool to measure performance has not been easy. Avila Creative Soccer was open for 10 years before fully implementing what has become our signature test. Technically, we refer to it as a Performance Assessment, not a Skills Assessment, in that it rates more than just a player's skills. A player's Level is more than just their skill level; it is the sum of many moving parts.

To think of the quality of a player's skill as something which is quantifiable is difficult at best. Then couple that with the notion that even if a player can demonstrate skill in a laboratory it doesn't mean that player can perform at a level commensurate with said skill level when it counts - meaning on game day. Performance is also about attitude and awareness. The attitude to compete, the tactical awareness to take advantage of time and space.

We found that differences between players are intricate and it turns out that among the different colors and levels, we also have to have sub levels which you may have noticed referred to as New, Ready and Brand. And even that doesn't always go far enough to get player placed in the correct group. In particular, Level two or Orange has been the most challenging group of kids to characterise. So what we have done to help us accommodate certain players in better fitting groups is offer a process for "Orange Ready" players who would normally only be allowed to train between 5:00-6:00 PM. NOW, SUCH PLAYERS can be placed provisionally with the GREENS as a sort of "Play-Up". The GREEN Level 3's train at 6:00-7:00 PM each evening.

If you follow these steps, your child may be able to train from 6:00-7:00 PM.

1Email your story to us so we know why you want to train from 6:00-7:00 PM with Green (Level 3) and above. Also tell us why you think you are already close to that level. Are you an "Orange Ready" player, meaning someone close to the Green Level?

2Let us assess you for free. Go to Exam Days to schedule an exam. Choose "Orange Ready (Provisional Scheduling)" under Exam Type.

3If you are cleared to train with Level 3 and above from 6:00-7:00 PM, pay upfront $25 for a mandatory assessment to be taken within 2 months.

4Begin training with the Green Level players and above, weeknights from 6:00-7:00 PM, but start preparing to challenge for the level upgrade exam (you already paid for). The exam must be scheduled within 2 months time.