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Be a hero this Summer

Become a volunteer skills trainer at Avila Creative Soccer. Being a summer volunteer is a blast! In addition to helping players learn proper soccer techniques, volunteers gain leadership skills, job experience, and soccer training. 



Volunteer Orientation Dates

Volunteers must attend any of the 2 mandatory orientations below. Both orientations will be held at the Anderson Mill facility. Choose between 2 orientation dates:

     •  Saturday, May 13, 2017 | 10:00–11:30 AM
     •  Saturday, May 20, 2017 | 5:30–7:00 PM

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Flexible volunteering hours are available at any of our 3 Avila Soccer facilities during Monday through Fridays from 8:45 AM to 8:45 PM. However, volunteers must meet certain qualifications per shift. See below for details.

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Dress Code

All Avila Volunteers must adhere to the dress code–black socks, black shorts and the Avila Volunteer Shirt (will be handed out during orientation). You will not be allowed to volunteer if you are not in dress code. 

Volunteer Dress Code

Volunteer Tasks

  • help younger players learn proper soccer technique
  • stacking cones
  • make sure soccer balls are pumped
  • light sweeping
  • wipe down windows
  • and more


Helpful Volunteer Guides

To orient yourselves with Avila practices prior to summer, please review the following:




Avila Soccer

Letter from Coach Eryck

What Volunteerism means to me:

Soccer is as much about meaning as it is about sport. For young people, having or developing a sense of meaning or mission in life is fundamental. For those with an interest or ability in sports (Soccer), this can be a portal to those life skills and disciplines that can lead to a more value-driven lifestyle. Do you have the dedication to aid young people to develop such meaning? Volunteering at Avila Soccer can be both important and fun. Volunteering is not about work; it is about mentoring and using your skills to involve others.

For those of you who will actually be Voluntary Skills Trainers, it is not so important that you know exactly how to render the Avila Method–it's about showing up and being present, not because you were paid, but to send the powerful message to children "that you matter," and that's why I'm here.

Not all the tasks we need done involve such direct influence on youth. Some tasks are unsung, like handing out flyers and cleaning up.

Yet you can be the person who guides someone to our facility so they can cultivate a sense of the live event and experience that sense of attainment that comes with learning moves at Avila. 

You can be the one who ensures that that new person's first experience is at an Avila Soccer that is sparking clean!

And for all of this, we thank you.

Yours in sport,

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Coach Eryck