Speed & Agility

Summer Camp 18

Perform Better with Speed & Agility Training

Improve your game with the help of our fitness experts. The Speed & Agility Camp will help children and adults of all ages perform as natural athletes.

This camp is not just for kids, a parent can join their child at no extra charge! Now, players AND parents can have fun getting fit.

Here are a few things they'll be working on in camp:

  • Increase functional strength to gain position against one's opponent and for stronger and longer shots, crosses and throw-ins.
  • Improve rotational and core strength for fast and powerful shots and better overall balance.
  • Enhance multi-directional speed and acceleration to reach the ball faster, beat opponents and avoid one's marker.
  • Improve multi-directional movement to twist, rotate, jump, control, slide, pass and shoot.
  • Enhance flexibility for a more fluid and powerful running stride.




calendar Dates
June 4-August 9, 2018
Unlimited Speed & Agility Training once a day,
Monday through Thursdays for the entire Summer

$50 with purchase of Summer Camp
(can only be purchased as a package)

$350 Anderson Mill, Round Rock
$450 Lakeway
Yes, this price does include the entire summer!

Early Bird Deals Below

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Summer Train & Apply
Purchase both Summer Camp and Scrimmaging
together to get scrimmaging for half price and
Speed & Agility Free
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Speed & Agility Package
$50 add-on to Summer Camps
A parent can join their child at no extra cost!
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8:00 AM or 3:30 PM

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Summer Camp & Speed and Agility Package Early Bird Deals
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March 31, 2018 $75 off Summer Camp $275 Anderson Mill, Round Rock
$375 Lakeway

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Summer Campers, you and your parents can get a summer's worth of Speed & Agility training in the mornings for an additional $50! 


Summer Camp + Speed & Agility


Speed & Agility (Add-on to Summer Camp)

• Use this link to purchase Speed & Agility (add-on) if you've already purchased Summer Camp. May not be purchased by itself.