Orientation – Phase 1

Cleaning Guidelines and Schedule

Trainers are expected to keep the facilities in tip-top shape. The following are some cleaning guidelines and schedule to go by to keep the facilities looking awesome!

Cleaning Guidelines
Cleaning Schedule

Our roots, who we are, and why children need this sociology today

The purpose of Phase 1 Is to weed out potential new trainers and determine which ones are willing to do the work required for the trainer position. It’s also to give new trainers perspective as to the importance of the Avila brand overall so they aren’t like a deer in the headlights during Phases 2 and 3. In other words, new trainers need to understand a little about our history, the meaning of Avila, the dilemma inherent in sports and business today, and even learn a little bit about how talent is developed too. Developing talent using the Avila methodology will be the focus of Phase 3. Phase 2 will more about operational procedures at Avila.

But let’s get started with the basics

The task in Phase 1 is to view the seven links (below) to Avila-related articles, interviews, and videos and submit answers to essay questions. Please note that a potential trainer cannot begin working at Avila until they have finished Phase 1 and 2. Send essays to Eryck Avila directly at eryck@avilasoccer.com and include your contact information so we can research your background on our end once you finish Phases 1 and 2.

# Subject Task
1 Playing Days Visit https://avilasoccer.com/articles/student-makes-world-cup-team and explain why the photo in this article is significant. Which fact about Coach Eryck did you not know?
2 About Us Visit https://avilasoccer.com/about/about and explain in 200 words any section if this page. Explain the section “Is Avila a resource for serious players too” (200 words). What makes it possible Avila to be great for every talent level? (200 words).
3 Published Articles Visit https://avilasoccer.com/articles/deconstructing-youth-sports and explain the relationship between ACL injuries and sociology (250 words minimum). Explain how we are coaching greatness out of children, and what do you think can be done to counteract this in an Avila lesson?
4 Radio Interview Listen to and read the blog recap https://avilasoccer.com/blog/164-coach-eryck-on-blogtalkradio. How have sports changed from 1920’s and what’s been lost? What are the tenants in trainer that coach eryck is looking for? How can we reach gender equity in sports?
5 Customer Service Listen to and read the blog recap https://avilasoccer.com/blog/164-coach-eryck-on-blogtalkradio. Explain what being present with the client means and how is this related to your cell phone?
6 Keynote Speech Watch https://avilasoccer.com/about/about/keynote. What part of this speech was important to you (250 words)?
7 How to Grow Talent Watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Hwa_ZAoCs. Explain this video in 250 words. If you were teaching an Avila class, what would you do that you learned in this video (250 words)?

Monitor Presentation

To ensure that all monitors are showing the correct links, trainers must submit 3 photos of it’s state in the facility and send to the slack channel #monitors. All photos must look like the following:

Note that the following are for Anderson Mill, but photos must be taken of the designated location you are scheduled for.

1. Signupgenius schedule (with names)

Screen Shot 2017 06 29 at 11.32.57 AM

2. Check-in computers in lobby

Screen Shot 2017 06 29 at 11.29.47 AM

3. Field monitors: Scrimmage Google doc & Check-in Responses