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  1. Mission

    Join us for an alternative soccer experience for both children and adults! Our mission is to give children an alternative way to experience soccer that is free of competition and to teach them to be powerful without the pressure to perform. It's about tailoring a program to the needs of young athletes so that through the game they find a life-long friend. At Avila Soccer, we focus on multi-dimensional thought and non-traditional forms of athleticism—rhythm, coordination, originality, vision and creativity—rather than just speed and power.


    Our indoor, climate-controlled, synthetic grass training facility is state-of-the-art with air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort. Come experience a facility that feels more like a home than a business. While your child receives personalized training, you can watch through shatter-proof windows, use our free wireless Internet connection, hop on a treadmill, or simply relax and unwind on our plush sofas. We record practice sessions on DVDs as a training aid and for parents.

    Want to schedule lesson at Avila Soccer? Let us know which location, class, and date you're requesting. Fill out this form to get started.


    • This form is not for requesting Individual or Dual Private Lessons. Please click here to schedule Private Lessons.
    • Please include the location, class, and date you're requesting. Someone on the Avila Staff will contact you about the availability of the lesson you requested.
    • Reservation requests are first-come, first-served. Be sure to pick a couple back-up options if your preferred time is already taken.
    • Type "next available" on Back-up Options if your days and times are flexible.
    • To better coordinate requests, you can also let us know days and times that won't work with your family. Be as detailed as you want.

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