Summer Scrimmage Band


Scrimmage Band 


This summer, apply your skills through scrimmaging

Scrimmage Band is Avila Creative Soccer’s level-specific Tactical Scrimmaging Program! Soccer players chosen by their arm band color (see descriptions) will scrimmage each week on our indoor fields to fine-tune their tactical understanding of the outdoor game to make sure they maintain peak form for their club.

These scrimmages with players of the same exact level represent the optimal way to apply the skills your child has learned (learn more about Levels). Multiple position specific coaches will be on the field to deconstruct game situations, promote smart assertiveness, offer personal attention and open each player's eyes to new tactical possibilities.

Avila Scrimmage Difference

scrimmage program


Tactical Principles Taught

An emphasis on Triangles and Passing Lanes

Off-the-ball Movement is totally demystified

Players taught to work as a unit


Program Details

calendar Dates
June 4 - August 12, 2018
10 once a week sessions

$299 per player

locations Locations
Anderson Mill, Lakeway, Round Rock
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Summer Golden Ticket 
brackets Levels
Level 1: Blue
Level 2: Orange
Level 3: Green
Level 4: Gold (Golden Ticket Summer)
Level 5: Black (Golden Ticket Elite) 
All players must take mandatory Level Exam 
check icon Scrimmage Orientation
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Summer Train & Apply Early Bird Deals
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Reg. price $449.50 Anderson Mill, Round Rock; $549.50 Lakeway
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January 23, 2018 $100 off Summer Camp 
PLUS free Spring Break Camp
PLUS free Shooting Mechanics Clinic (Summer)
$349.50 Anderson Mill, Round Rock
$449.50 Lakeway
February 23, 2018 $100 off Summer Camp 
PLUS free Spring Break Camp
$349.50 Anderson Mill, Round Rock
$449.50 Lakeway
March 31, 2018 $75 off Summer Camp $374.50 Anderson Mill, Round Rock
$474.50 Lakeway

The Scrimmage Band Program is by level only. If you are unsure of your child's level, call Coach Eryck directly at 512.924.5715 and your child can be assessed for any remaining spots. Visit our Levels Page or Scoring to estimate which armband pertains to your child's level. 

Policies & Cancellations

All players must read and acknowledge the following in order to play in Scrimmages & Private Lessons.

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If you decide our program is right for your child, click the links below to get started

Possession is the Avila Brand

By enrolling your player in an Avila Scrimmage, you can be sure the art possession will be the focus. Possession is the Avila brand.

Eryck Avila's opinion

"Modern soccer must be played with some element of possession in order for it to be winning soccer. For whatever reason this is just a fact. It wasn't always that way. But it is now.

Not only do youth coaches not care much about possession, but they have proven that they have no idea how to teach it. The Renaissance has not reached us yet, soccer-wise. But we are in massive growth stage when the talent and skill level of players is begging for a higher concept."

Why is teaching posession difficult? 

Possession can not be broken down with a "machete",  what's needed is a "scalpel". Because Possession is actually five things, not one thing. Rest assured though, every player at Avila in the "Scrimmage Program" will be coached in 5 different ways to learn possession.

The 5 Pillars of Possession 

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