Video Analysis

What Are the Benefits of Video Analysis?

Using video analysis in sport can help improve a player's mechanics. Consider purchasing our video analysis product to help with the self reflection process. Our trainers will film soccer skills in action and then review live video footage of the session on our 50-inch high-definition screen. The idea is to improve the players' performance and help them visualize themselves as they perform skills, tricks, maneuvers and even compete in a small-sided 3v3 match.

College Videos for High School Kids

Avila Creative Soccer also offers college videos for high school kids. Below is a video of one Avila student. Call Eryck at 512.363.7992 for more details.

Avila Soccer Makes College Recruitment Videos

Correct Form

There are many different coaching methods for getting a player to perform a movement correctly. Some coaches tell players all the things they are doing wrong and how to correct them. W. Timothy Gallwey, author of "The Inner Game of Tennis," suggests repeatedly showing players how to do a movement correctly. Children learn in many different ways, and visually is one of them. If a player is shown a video of how to throw a ball or hit a penalty kick correctly over and over again, it may help him to correct his form.

The Absence of a Permanent Record

One difference between coaches and say teachers is the absence of a permanent record. When a math teacher hands a student an algebra equation to solve for homework. The next day when that student hands in the notebook, so to speak, the teacher can then review each line of the problem, and see where the student may have gone wrong. Specifically the teacher may draw a red line through that line of the equation. No such benefit exists in coaching , a similar profession, unless modern props are used such a video analysis. Without visual evidence the athlete must memorize what the coach claim they supposedly did wrong instead of see themselves live.

Room for Improvment

By watching a video recording of their athletic performance, a player can see how they could improve, and embrace the idea of change for the better. In contrast, a player might not be able to heed the advice of his coach if the they cannot visualize what they are doing wrong, and may persist in performing an athletic skill incorrectly. Seeing video footage of a mistake gives a player an opportunity to internalize the need to improve their movement.

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