Rain-Out Rentals

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Avila Creative Soccer is truly a hub for local soccer clubs and organizations. We understand that you have to cancel practice due to inclement weather often with little notice. It is possible to make arrangements for field rental with us even though we will most likely have planned activities.

Option 1: Partial Field Rental $40 for 45min  

In this situation, your coach gets to run his own session on part of our field which is sectioned off just for your team. At certain times of the year, there is always more than enough room at our indoor centers to section off part of the field for a team whose main goal is simply to get touches on the ball that day.  

Many of you professional and volunteer coaches know that sometimes this can make all the difference when you have an important play-off match and or a do-or-die situation looming on the weekend. Well, you'd be surprised how dynamic if a session you can run on the partial field. So give us a ring at 512-924-5715 and see what we can work out for you.

Option 2: Join an Existing Avila Soccer Session

Another very good option is to join an existing Avila Soccer session for a day. As policy, we divide players by ability so that your players would be put together anyway. So coaches, if you have a minimum of 5 players interested, the rate for the day is just $5/session.  

The first step is to review our Fall Schedule. You will notice that Specialty Skills w/ Shooting Mechanics is offered everyday at variuos times of the day–these are awesome sessions (frankly it's one that we are particularly great at). Even just one of those sessions can truly help a player become a better shooter. Pretty good use of time on a rainy day.

Coaches please note again, Avila training is already officially endorsed by all major clubs in Austin as well as by many smaller clubs. Simply put, this means there are no conflicts of interest if you want to be industrious and clever and get your team the touches they need that day. 

Players can pay when they arrive but here is an even better option for payment. Many teams have a budget they create for extemporaneous expenses. If the coach or team manager or just an enthusiastic team parent would like to sponsor the entire team to be able to join any of the appropriate Avila Soccer sessions they want that day, it is possible can pay online using the buttons below.

Another special note is that because we have three locations and one schedule, technically players could go to the location that's closest to their house for that particular day. They would be receiving the same exact product as the schedule is universal at all three facilities.

Also, if you refer to the Fall Schedule again, Shooting Mechanics are always either followed or preceded by Age-appropriate Small Group Classes. Any player interested in doing two sessions in a row can pay $10 for total training time of an hour and a half.



Available anytime
during inclement weather


Individual Price
$5 for a Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Session,
$10 to add a Small Group Session (before/after)

Team Price
$25 for a Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Session,
$40 to add a Small Group Session (before/after)


locations Locations
Avila Creative Soccer - Anderson Mill
8863 Anderson Mill Rd, Suite 107
Austin, TX 78729

Avila Creative Soccer - Lakeway
1503 FM 620 N, Building 2, Suite D
Lakeway, TX 78734

Avila Creative Soccer - Round Rock
16501 Bratton Ln, Building 2, Suite B
Austin, TX 78728



Just $25 and the entire team can attend any one of the daily Avila Soccer Shooting Mechanics they want. Or even better savings–pay $40 online and the entire team will have access to two back-to-back sessions at Avila. Wheather you have five or twenty players on your team, this is the most cost-effective, high-value option that encourages more participation.