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Hello Coaches,

In order to prepare for this summer, I reached out to some of my personal contacts, friends, parents and youth coaches, who year round go beyond the call of duty for their players; coaching soccer and coordinating with families and clubs to provide a great experience.

I wanted to see what more we could do to help you with your teams as a collective this summer. Those were some great conversations. I have put together a great resource to keep your team's momentum going–The Summer Team Package at a special team discount.

Similar to our standard Summer Package, it is based on our "Train and Apply" concept. This special resource takes it to another level of customization. As a compliment to weekday skills training, your team will exclusively work together on their tactics over 10 summer weekends to be better prepared for the outdoor Fall semester!


During the week, any player from your team could attend our iconic indoor All-you-can-train Summer Skills Camp as their personal schedule permits for the entire three months.

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Your team will scrimmage exclusively on the weekends all Summer long as a unit in our indoor facility using a formal 4v4 format. Avila-certified trainers will be injected into the matches to raise the level up and quicken the pace of play.

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Program Details

dollar sign Cost for your team
$200/player if the entire team signs up
Includes Summer Skills Camp (weekdays)
and 10 weekend scrimmage sessions
info black Conditions
You must have a minimum of 8 players 
Strict limit–only taking 6 teams per facility 
arrow right Big Bonus, act fast!
Purchase the Summer Team Package by
March 31st and the entire team gets our
Summer Speed & Agility Camp FREE. Wow!

To help you prepare for the program, we will supply support and orientation materials for your team.

This is special–this program is limited to six teams. The progress of those 6 teams will be the focus of our network of coaches at our weekly summer staff meetings. We want want to dazzle you with development so we had to keep it small. If interested, please fill out out this form to get started or call while space is available to discuss getting your team into the select chosen few.


Yours in Sport,

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Coach Eryck Avila

PAYSL Skills Training Classes

Introducing Great Duos that Inspire your Child's Imagination

Pflugerville Area Youth Soccer League (PAYSL) and Avila Creative Soccer are teaming up to provide soccer skills training that frees your child's creativity.

As a PAYSL member, enjoy the following benefits: 

  • PAYSL Skills Training for Select Players
  • PAYSL Discounted Training for Recreational Players
  • Rain-out Discounts
  • PAYSL Dual Private Programs

PAYSL Skills Training for Select Players

With the Avila-PAYSL collaboration, your Select PAYSL player can take advantage of two training sessions a week at Avila at no additional cost (1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class and 1 Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills Class). However, You must be registered to a PAYSL Select Team for the upcoming season to take advantage of this offer.

Please note that this is a mandatory program for Select PAYSL players. Players must get their third day of training at Avila once a week throughout the season. Attendance will be reported, although days and times for you to attend sessions are flexible. They are offered everyday, view our Fall Schedule to see what works with your schedule.

calendar 10-week Program
Ends November 15th
View Fall Schedule

FREE to all registered SELECT PAYSL players
for the upcoming 2015-2016 season

guest-play Attend up to 2 classes per week
1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
1 Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills Classes
arrow right Schedule
Book your classess
Scheduling instructions

Take advantage of your free classes now. Schedule up to 2 classes per week. Click on the link below to get started. It will take you to our Mindbody Scheduling System with your PAYSL Skills Training already in the cart. Simply checkout and schedule your classes. Create an account if you don't have one yet. Please note, if you are signing up more than 1 child in your family, you would need separate accounts for each child (see scheduling instructions for more info).

Sign up for PAYSL Select Skills Training


PAYSL Discounted Training for Recreational Players

Hurry! These offers don't last forever! Last day to sign up is August 23rd

For Teams

Recreational teams at PAYSL can come in and use a portion of the field for a team training program. Like all our Team Training Programs, an Avila trainer renders the training. As a PAYSL team, the rate per player is $30 for 10 weeks (normally $100/player for 8 weeks). In addition, each player can individually decide to come to any of our Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills Class for those 10 weeks. The deadline to sign up for this program is August 23rd.

Please note that the price for team training is $30/player but the whole team has to purchase together (if there are 10 players on the roster, all 10 must sign up for the program). There should be one payment from coach/treasurer of the team. Call for arrangements.

For Individuals

Recreational PAYSL players can purchase discounted training sessions at Avila facilities. Your player can attend up We have two types of classes your player can attend–an Age-appropriate Small Group Class and a Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills Class. These classes are always scheduled back to back so you can do 2 sessions in one day.

If you purchase today, you can start using your sessions in our Summer Camp. Last day to purchase is August 23rd and last to use sessions is November 21st, no make-up sessions.

  • $23
  • 1 Session
    Use anytime over 10 weeks
    Expires Nov 21st
  • $43
  • 4 Sessions
    Use anytime over 10 weeks
    Expires Nov 21st
  • $63
  • 8 Sessions
    Use anytime over 10 weeks
    Expires Nov 21st
  • $75
  • 12 Sessions
    Use anytime over 10 weeks
    Expires Nov 21st

Rain-out Deals for PAYSL players

We understand that you have to cancel practice due to inclement weather, often with little notice. As a PAYSL player or team, you are entitled to these awesome Rain-Out Discounts. If you've already used 2 of your PAYSL Skills Training Classes this week, don't worry–the Rain-out Deal is an additional perk for you, just use the buttons below to get started. Please remember that these are restricted to day of inclement weather only, classes can only be used on the day of purchase.

Individual Price
$5 for a Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Session,
$10 to add a Small Group Session (before/after)

Team Price (minimum of 5 players required)
$25 for a Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Session,
$40 to add a Small Group Session (before/after)

rain out rental thumb


PAYSL Dual Private Program

PAYSL has arranged skills training at a nearby climate-controlled, FIFA-approved synthetic grass facility. Now, PAYSL players can experience our strong reputation for developing highly skilled players and proven stability that shows the effectiveness of our approach by purchasing this high-value package that provides quality training at an affordable price and enables us to grow athletes that express their imagination on the field. Your PAYSL player can train in a fun and unique environment, learning the fundamentals of creative soccer.

The program consists of Dual Private Lessons and Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills Classes. In Dual Private Lessons, two players come in as a pair to receive customized training sessions. Classes are 45-minute training sessions, once per week. Click to learn more. Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills Classes are once, 45-minute training sessions that concentrate on specific soccer skills–30 minutes of Shooting Mechanics and 15 minutes of either Passing & Receiving, Dribbling, Defending, Juggling or High Ball Trapping. Click to learn more.


Program includes
4 Dual Private Lessons (once a week)
4 Shooting Mechanics w/ Specialty Skills (once a week)


$125/month per player
Disounts available for 3, 4 month packages

faq FAQ's
Read below for frequently asked questions
locations Locations
Anderson Mill
Round Rock

PAYSL players can retain their spot and rate by renewing the program 2 weeks before the first of every month. A regular Private Lesson is normally priced at $236/month, so you know you're getting great value for customized Dual training sessions.

  • 1-Month Package
  • 4 Dual Private Lessons
    4 Specialty Skills Classes
    Cost: $125
  • 3-Month Package
  • 12 Dual Private Lessons
    12 Specialty Skills Classes
    Cost: $300
  • 4-Month Package
  • 16 Dual Private Lessons
    16 Specialty Skills Classes
    Cost: $400

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I schedule my Private Lessons anytime I want?


    You can pick any time slot you want if it is available, but please note that the time spot you are picking is a weekly spot. For example, if you picked Mondays at 3:30 PM the next 15 consecutive Mondays at 3:30 PM will be your schedule; you may not mix different days and times to consume the package.

  • Do I have to sign up with a training partner for Dual Private Lessons?


    Yes, you must come in as a pair for Dual Private Lessons. But each player must purchase their own lessons at $400/player (4 Months Dual Private).

  • Which trainer will I have for Private Lessons?


    A senior Avila trainer will always be in charge of Private Lessons.

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