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Introducing Great Duos that Inspire your Child's Imagination

Dynamo Juniors of Central Texas (DJCT) and Avila Creative Soccer are teaming up to provide soccer skills training that frees your child's creativity. DJCT has arranged skills training at Avila's nearby climate-controlled synthetic grass facilities. Sample a fun and unique approach to training and learn the fundamentals of creative soccer. Now, DJCT players can experience our strong reputation for developing highly skilled players and proven stability that shows the effectiveness of our approach.

With the Avila-DJCT collaboration, your player can take advantage of indoor training one day a week at our Lakeway facility (includes 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class and 1 Specialty Skills Class). However, you must be registered with DJCT for the upcoming season to take advantage of this offer. 


Take advantage of FREE training by following these steps:


#1 Choose your Schedule

DJCT players can attend indoor training one a day a week including:

  • 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class
  • 1 Specialty Skills Class

The two sessions must be done back to back on the same day, meaning if you choose to attend the Small Group session on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM, the Specialty Skills session must also be done on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM. 

View Schedule

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#2 Know your Avila Armband Level   

All Avila players now wear armbands that correspond to their Level. DJCT players attending Avila sessions must wear armbands as well. Avila Soccer will provide the armbands during each session (please remember to leave them at the facility).

If you don't know what level your child is, you can schedule a complimentary Assessment to find out. Please choose "Club" in Exam Type.

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#3 Schedule your sessions for the entire semester   

DJCT's free training sessions for the Fall start on September 6, 2016 and end November 11, 2016. Let us know which day and time(s) your child will attend. The schedule you've chosen will be the same throughout the entire semester. Click on the link below to fill out a form. Remember to only pick a session which you are qualified for.

Schedule your sessions


#4 Know our Dress Code   

All players, including DJCT players are required to wear an Avila shirt and armband to adhere to the Avila Dress Code. Avila shirts are available for purchase ($5) at the facility. Players who are not in their Avila shirts won't be allowed to enter the field. White pinnie Avila vests are available to wear if players are not in their Avila shirts.


#5 Attending sessions   

Before entering the field, all players must use the computers in the lobby to check-in for attendance. You may only attend the session you signed up for.


#6 Canceling sessions   

If you are unable to attend a class, please let us know by filling out the form below. Please note that there will be no make-ups for missed classes.

Cancel a class




Give your child an edge to be proud of throughout the season

Cries for the latest cleats, hourly emails from the team manager and the welcome smell of new uniforms can only mean one thing—the Fall soccer season is finally here. That's why it's time once again to supplement team practices with focused development. To infuse on-field creativity that coaches and teammates will love.

Don't forget this handy check list for your sessions:

  • Bring your own ball
  • Cleats are fine, turf shoes preferred (running shoes will do if you don’t have any)
  • Water bottle/jug (we have a water fountain but lines tend to get long pretty easily)


calendar Schedule
Through May 2, 2016
clock Times
4:15 PM
5:00 PM
5:45 PM
6:30 PM
locations Location
Avila Creative Soccer - Lakeway
1503 FM 620 N, Building 2, Suite D
Lakeway, TX 78734
join Bring to every session
• Ball
• Water jug
• Cleats or turf shoes (if none, use tennis shoes)


Here are just a few of our dynamic topics that are designed to combine European pragmatism with South American flare:

  • Shooting Mechanics - Teaches all aspects of shooting, from plant foot positioning to angle of release.
  • Juggling - Promotes "two-footedness" and creative potential. We'll dare to deconstruct clever, artistic maneuvers that have been attempted and honed by both "playground legends" and professional players alike.
  • Defending - Helps gain clarity on jockey and delay, stabbing at the ball, foot and hip positioning, aggressive play, decision making and slide tackling.
  • Dribbling - Introduces clever moves that help your child reach a new level of brilliance.
  • Tactical Awareness - Demonstrates the right positions on the field, this includes blind-side runs, passing and moving, seams and passing lanes, switching the point of attack, marking space versus players, sideways-on positioning.
  • Specialty Kicks - Teaches the secrets of specialty finishing, including bicycle (overhead), scissor, banana, in-swingers, corner kicks and set pieces.


Dual Private Lessons & Specialty Skills Program for DJCT Players

The Dynamo Juniors of Central Texas and Avila Creative Soccer are teaming up to provide soccer skills training that frees your child's creativity.

Join us for skills training at a nearby climate-controlled, synthetic grass facility. Now, DJCT players can experience our strong reputation for developing highly skilled players and proven stability that shows the effectiveness of our approach by purchasing this high-value package that provides quality training at an affordable price and enables us to grow athletes that express their imagination on the field. Your player can train in a fun and unique environment, learning the fundamentals of creative soccer.

The program consists of:

Dual Private Lessons 

  • Two players receive customized training sessions
  • Players must come in as a pair
  • 45-minute training sessions, once per week
  • Learn more »

Specialty Skills Classes

  • Once a week, 45-minute training sessions that concentrate on specific soccer skills
  • Topics covered: Passing and Receiving, Dribbling, Defending, Tactical Awareness etc.
  • Learn more »



Program includes
4 Dual Private Lessons (once a week)
4 Specialty Skills Classes (once a week)


$125/month per player
Disounts available for 3, 4 month packages

faq FAQ's
Read below for frequently asked questions
locations Locations
Anderson Mill
Round Rock

Purchase the Program

DJCT players can retain their spot and rate by renewing the program 2 weeks before the first of every month. A regular Private Lesson is normally priced at $236/month, so you know you're getting great value for customized Dual training sessions.

  • 1-Month Package
  • 4 Dual Private Lessons
    4 Specialty Skills Classes
    Cost: $125
  • 3-Month Package
  • 12 Dual Private Lessons
    12 Specialty Skills Classes
    Cost: $300
  • 4-Month Package
  • 16 Dual Private Lessons
    16 Specialty Skills Classes
    Cost: $400

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I schedule my Private Lessons anytime I want?


    You can pick any time slot you want if it is available, but please note that the time spot you are picking is a weekly spot. For example, if you picked Mondays at 3:30 PM the next 15 consecutive Mondays at 3:30 PM will be your schedule; you may not mix different days and times to consume the package.

  • Do I have to sign up with a training partner for Dual Private Lessons?


    Yes, you must come in as a pair for Dual Private Lessons. But each player must purchase their own lessons at $400/player (4 Months Dual Private).

  • Which trainer will I have for Private Lessons?


    A senior Avila trainer will always be in charge of Private Lessons.

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