Team Training

Avila Soccer offers a specially discounted training program for teams interested in augmenting their in-season training. This high quality weekly training program uses the Avila Method™, a unique methodology tailored to the needs of young athletes. The use of a small indoor turf allows maximum action, quickens the pace of training, forces development of reaction skills, and encourages creativity. We also offer specialized keeper training for your team's goalkeepers. We limit our role to training, leaving game-day responsibilities to a team's coaches. We provide coaches with a professional training resource for their teams.

Training at Avila Soccer is designed to imitate the real game. Many of the drills have been fine-tuned over a period of 18 years to accomplish the following:

  • Increase functional strength to gain position against one's opponent and for stronger and longer shots, crosses and throw-ins.
  • Improve rotational and core strength for fast and powerful shots and better overall balance.
  • Enhance multi-directional speed and acceleration to reach the ball faster, beat opponents and avoid one's marker.
  • Improve multi-directional movement to twist, rotate, jump, control, slide, pass and shoot.
  • Enhance flexibility for a more fluid and powerful running stride.

The goal at Avila Soccer is to get players to transfer what they have learned to the real game. What good is it if players improve their skill level and also become fitter if they do not learn how to involve themselves in the play? Many players engage in "social loafing" and leave the big plays for their teammates as they assimilate into the crowd of their peers on the soccer field. They miss opportunities to make the "big play" because they need training in how to assert their speed and skill. Therefore, the Avila Method emphasizes the teaching of tactical awareness as the greatest way to enhance performance.

Avila Soccer prepares your team for success through a two-pronged approach of awareness and education while offering a superior program that can be delivered throughout the entire season. Here's an outline of the program:

Education and Awareness

  • Tactical Awareness
  • Benefits of conditioning with the soccer ball
  • Avila Method skills program goals and methods


  • Pre & Post Season Skills Assessment – Your team will receive two complimentary Avila Soccer skills sessions (all Avila Soccer sessions are 45 minutes) scheduled during the week prior to the start of regular skills training.
  • In-Season Avila Soccer Skills – Your team will be trained by our experienced professional staff in our indoor facility for sessions lasting 45 minutes. Parents will enjoy a comfortable lounge, internet access and cable TV. We will make our facility available for team meetings at least once per season at no additional charge (as schedules permit).
  • Optional Pre-Season and In-Season Training – Athletes are eligible to sign up for regular Avila Soccer Small Group Skills Training (3-6 athletes) or Private Skills Training (1-2 athletes) at 10% off. Please note that we currently have a waiting list for most of our private Skills Training time slots.
  • Consulting to Team Coach – We provide instruction to your team coach on active-dynamic warm-ups, and training components to deliver as part of your routine outdoor team training. It is very important to understand that we provide training sessions and do not coach games. We're an efficient resource for player development.
  • Adult Avila – Team parents are eligible for a discount on adult training packages. Yes, we teach adults how to play soccer. Many of our adult patrons are completely new to the game. 



2 Off-season months

dollar-sign Cost
$500/team for 2 Off-season months

Once-a-week Team Training
Once-a-week Specialty Skills Classes

locations Locations
Avila Creative Soccer - Anderson Mill
8863 Anderson Mill Rd, Suite 107
Austin, TX 78729

Avila Creative Soccer - Lakeway
1503 FM 620 N, Building 2, Suite D
Lakeway, TX 78734

Avila Creative Soccer - Round Rock
16501 Bratton Ln, Building 2, Suite B
Austin, TX 78728


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Avila will provide team assessments before and after training. Here's a sample of what they will be assessed on:

Team Assessments