There are 7 categories of expertise we analyze during the Performance Assessment. Click on the links below for more information on how we score and test players in each category.


Testing Shooting

This is a straight-forward test. Your shot will be judged on the 18 Mechanical Principles of Shooting.

This skill will be tested last, once the player has warmed up by testing out other skills.

The Avila coach will roll the ball to the player who will be asked to shoot it against the wall. A second scenario is the player will have to approach a ball that is not moving and shoot it against the wall, and/or finally, the player may have to dribble the ball, push it slightly ahead and shoot it while it's moving away, against the wall.

Coaches will take two minutes to determine how many of the 18 elements of shooting were displayed correctly and consistently. The player will be asked to shoot a few times with the nondominant foot. However, this can only affect their score positively not negatively (so it's worth practicing).


Testing Dribbling


Testing Passing Distribution

Players will pass the ball back-and-forth with the coach, against a wall, or with another player for 2 minutes while coaches decide the consistency of technique as well as if the players approximation of a pass is indeed in keeping with any of the 6 qualities we are looking for. One area that may stump players testing out is two-footedness, so be sure the technique is bilateral in its consistency.

*If players can not use both feet equally, a point will be subtracted from overall points.


Testing Juggling


Testing Unit Play

Here are some videos of a couple of our best link up play drills:

Barcelona Drill

4-Man Drill

6-Man Drill


Testing Scrimmaging

Players will first complete the other parts of the Performance Assessment. Once they are warmed up, they will play 1v1 against a trainer or in 2v2 situations with other players and a trainer.

With small goals placed on either end of the field, the game will end when one participant reaches either 3 or 5, which gives the trainer time to gather the information they need to render a scrimmage assessment score.


Testing Trapping Receiving