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Checking-in at Avila

  • All players must check-in at the computers in the lobby prior to your session. 
  • If attending more than one  session, you do not have to check in for both of them if they are continous.

Players who do not check in will be fined $25.


Do's & Dont's at Avila

  • New to Avila? Arrive 10 minutes before your session to familiarize yourself with the facility.
  • Please wait until the session is over before you speak with the trainers. Be respectful and don't interfere while players are training.
  • Players need to sign-out arm bands and return them to the bins after the session is over
  • Respect each other (players and trainer) at all times.
  • Players must adhere to the dress code.
  • Level Exams are by appointment only. No walk-ins allowed. 
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Mandatory Dress Code

All players training at Avila are required to adhere to the mandatory dress code. All players include; any player who participates in any class or package, including those in adult coed groups, private lesson players and also not limited to players on teams that train at Avila as a team.

  • Players must wear their white Avila shirt at all times. Other Avila shirts purchased before are also acceptable to wear.
  • Players must wear an Avila Armband designating their level. Armbands are located in the bins adjacent to the fields, use an armband and return them after your session. Read about our Subjective Evaluation.
  • Goalies are excluded from this dress code but must wear the Avila armband that corresponds with their level.
  • Use soccer shorts or athletic shorts, any color is fine.
  • Shin guards must be worn under soccer socks. Shin guards are required during scrimmage classes but may be removed during skills sessions.
  • Turf shoes are preferred but if you don't have any, cleats and tennis shoes are fine. Shooting Mechanics class is done barefoot, cleats should be removed before class.

Avila Shirts available

Avila shirts are available in 2 types of fabric–mositure wicking ($20) and cotton ($5). Pick one up at any facility today!

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Coach Eryck Avila and his trainers are the first line of enforcement. They will look for dress code policy violations at the beginning of the each session. Please keep in mind that the dress code is closely tied to our Skill Recognition Program.

Course of Action

Players not adhering to the dress code policy will be subject to the following course of actions:

  • Players who are not in Avila shirts and armbands won't be allowed to enter the field. White pinnie Avila vests will be provided to wear if players are not in their Avila shirts.
  • Shin guards are required during scrimmages/Golden Ticket Classes. For player’s safety, trainers may exclude players from scrimmages if they are not wearing any shin guards.

Note about the Red Avila Armband (Neutral)

The red arm band is a conditional level or Neutral and can be used in the following situations:

  • Players who have been one color armband that belong in a higher group, but have not tested out
  • Players who don't want to share their arm band color publicly
  • Players who are there as a trial
  • Players who paid and started lessons in an advanced group without ever being assessed but based on what we estimated or the parent estimated. They can be in the group but doesn't excuse them from testing out.

We will grandfather into the right color those players who have been with us already but all new players must test out within 6 weeks of their start date.

Coming for a free trial?

  • Players who are coming for a free trial must wear a white shirt (however, white pinnie vests are also available)
  • Players are required to wear a Red Avila armband on your sleeve which can be borrowed from Avila.
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