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Exams are scheduled every Friday but they are by appointment only. Click below to purchase. Then schedule your exam to let us know when you are coming.




What Level Are You?

Level 1

Blue New - new player in this level. Little to no experience but has the desire to play 
Blue Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level
Blue Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 2

Orange New - new player in this level. Needs work but has played a few seasons & can influence the game
Orange Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level
Orange Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 3

Green New - new player in this level. Very well-rounded player who needs fine-tuning and challenge
Green Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level
Green Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 4

Gold New - new player in this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure
Gold Ready - player who is ready to test for the next level
Gold Brand - does things in the Avila style

Level 5

Black Ready - new player in this level. Assertive, makes no unforced errors, can handle high pressure
Black Ready - ECNL, Academy, Premier, College or Pro-bound level
Black Brand - does things in the Avila style

What to expect on Exam Days

1. Check-in

Show up a few minutes early before your exam to check-in with a trainer. If you have done any pre-requisites ahead of time, turn in your paperwork to the trainer know so they can mark your chart. 

2. Exam

Each player taking the Performance Assessment will be tested on some combination of the 6 Categories of Expertise that apply to their level. The exam will take 15 minutes to complete. 

  • Shooting Mechanics
  • Dribbling Moves
  • Juggling Tricks
  • Passing & Distribution
  • Unit Play (Off-the-ball Movement)
  • Scrimmaging

To prepare for the exams, head over to our Scoring and Testing page to review guidelines.

3. Results


Congratulations on a job well done! There will be a short ceremony where you'll receive a certificate in front of your peers and be awarded an armband that designates the next level up (the following training week after your exam). Let us know if you'd like to request a copy of your score.

level certificates

easel board  

Bragging Rights

Once you pass the exam, you’ll get bragging rights and your name will be posted for everyone to see on this board!


If you don't meet the requirements to advance to the next level, you can always try again the following week.

4. Finer Points

We want you to notice that Performance Assessment is not just based on categories of skill but also on categories such as "Unit Play" and "Scrimmaging," which are intangible and not as easy to quantify on a chart or scorecard.

Differences between levels are often very subtle until you read the fine print and understand the purpose of the testing:

Here are some finer points:

  • the only difference between Level 1 and 2 is that a Level 2 player must undergo a Scrimmage Assessment and score at lest a 3 on that test.
  • Level 3 represents a crucial dividing point when it comes to how Avila works. Because once in Level 3, a player can elect to join our Scrimmage program. Most players stumble on the hard fast rule of juggling a soccer ball ten times using their feet only.
  • We feel that Level 4 players represent Avila as a sort of ambassador. So while their overall skills are stronger than Level 3 players, they are specifically required to know our signature moves and hallmark unit play drills (known as RPR drills - a method pioneered by Coach Eryck).
  • Level 5 players pull it all together even more and must prove that by undergoing a scrimmage assessment 1 v1 against an Avila trainer and scoring a 5.


5. See how you can train from 6:00-7:00 PM
Orange Ready (Provisional Scheduling)

Creating a tool to measure performance has not been easy. Avila Creative Soccer was open for 10 years before fully implementing what has become our signature test. Technically, we refer to it as a Performance Assessment, not a Skills Assessment, in that it rates more than just a player's skills. A player's Level is more than just their skill level; it is the sum of many moving parts.

To think of the quality of a player's skill as something which is quantifiable is difficult at best. Then couple that with the notion that even if a player can demonstrate skill in a laboratory it doesn't mean that player can perform at a level commensurate with said skill level when it counts - meaning on game day. Performance is also about attitude and awareness. The attitude to compete, the tactical awareness to take advantage of time and space.

We found that differences between players are intricate and it turns out that among the different colors and levels, we also have to have sub levels which you may have noticed referred to as New, Ready and Brand. And even that doesn't always go far enough to get player placed in the correct group. In particular, Level two or Orange has been the most challenging group of kids to characterize. So what we have done to help us accommodate certain players in better fitting groups is offer a process for "Orange Ready" players who would normally only be allowed to train between 5:00-6:00 PM. NOW, SUCH PLAYERS can be placed provisionally with the GREENS as a sort of "Play-Up". The GREEN Level 3's train at 6:00-7:00 PM each evening.

If you follow these steps, your child may be able to train from 6:00-7:00 PM.

1Email your story to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we know why you want to train from 6:00-7:00 PM with Green (Level 3) and above. Also tell us why you think you are already close to that level. Are you an "Orange Ready" player, meaning someone close to the Green Level?

2Let us assess you for free. Go to Exam Days to schedule an exam. Choose "Orange Ready (Provisional Scheduling)" under Exam Type.

3If you are cleared to train with Level 3 and above from 6:00-7:00 PM, pay upfront $25 for a mandatory assessment to be taken within 2 months.

4Begin training with the Green Level players and above, weeknights from 6:00-7:00 PM, but start preparing to challenge for the level upgrade exam (you already paid for). The exam must be scheduled within 2 months time.