Warm-Up Area

There are three designated warm-up areas that pertain to the armband level of the player (read more about our Levels of Expertise). All Avila players are expected to report to those sections at the beginning of each session unless the trainer says otherwise. The sections are designated simply for warm-up and in most cases will not be used for the entirety of the session.

The purpose of the Warm-Up Area is to help the trainer quickly begin the session and not lose time dividing players by age and experience.

At each of the Avila Soccer indoor facilities, the warm-up areas will be labeled on the far wall of the field when looking into the field from the parent area. Warm-up area A is the designated place for players that have the arm band level one or two (blue or orange armband), warm-up area B for level two or three (orange or green armband), and warm-up area C for level four or five (gold or black armband). 

warm up3


Again, unless the trainer directs the player to a different area for warm-up, players can look on the far wall of the field for A, B or C and correspond that to their armband. In this way, they should anticipate where they need to go to start warming up.

A few guidelines to follow

  • It's very important that no one is shooting during warm-ups. The warm-up at Avila is only designed to get some blood flow going to the muscles and that process could be done with the ball "known as a dynamic warm-up" but there should be no sudden movements such as shooting a ball.
  • If a player gets to the designated area and still has not received specific warm-up instructions, they must keep in mind potential for injury when warming themselves up and remember to go slowly in anything they do.
  • All players should aim to be waiting in the lobby early and ready to go at the time of the warm-up.
  • If a player shows up late, we understand that–hey, they're not the one driving the car and it's not their fault–so come on in and we will get you situated, no worries.