Scrimmage Packages

Who Purchases Scrimmage Classes (AKA Golden Ticket or Scrimmage Band)?

People less concerned with skills training and more concerned with performance in a real game will enjoy the structure of our Scrimmage Class. Since Avila-certified trainers actually play in the scrimmage, there are on-the-spot corrections made while your child plays in an actual game. What's more, having four walls also quickens the pace of play. In sum, development is accelerated substantially through this iconic Avila product that takes scrimmaging to a new level.

In order to join in these weekly Scrimmage Classes, there are two options for players:

If you have not received an invitation and you think scrimmaging would be a great tool for your child, please call us up or drop us an email so that we may arrange a tryout and establish the best program for your child.

We are not looking for stars per say, as some people tend to worry about. No. We enjoy building players. We specialize in developing creative players. That's our thing. And we enjoy nothing better than to witness a player emerge from near obscurity to stardom—a uniquely American notion.

And yes, Golden Ticket in some ways is a romantic idea—like the very American notion of dormant talent being discovered. Many unlikely champions have arrived through our doors mishandled and misunderstood who needed the devotion of a trainer to draw out the majesty in them.

The beauty of Scrimmage Band is that people can take the time to read the in-depth descriptions and place their kids in exactly the proper group.

But getting back to practicality, we are looking for players who live and breathe soccer and who have a commitment to improvement. They need to be able to involve other players through distribution of the ball. So we can teach the group as a whole to work as a unit. Our experience with this product has shown to prepare your child for team play with their regular soccer club.


When do they take place?

Golden Ticket

You might notice that Golden Ticket is not offered on our classes page. Golden Ticket is only offered on our packages page. That's because one cannot simply take one month of scrimmaging. Sign-ups are for one entire semester.

Golden Ticket meets with same kids once a week throughout a semester. By semester we mean the following:

  • The Fall Semester is 4 months in length (September through December)
  • The Spring Semester is 5 months in length (January through May)
  • The Summer Semester is 3 months in length (June through August)

Scrimmage Band

Scrimmage Band is a level-specific scrimmaging program that occurs in-between seasons only.

Scrimmage Band meets with the same kids and does 8 scrimmage sessions throughout 11 weeks. For the Spring 2016:

  • Starts December 1, 2015 through December 18, 2015
  • No scrimmages on December 19-Jan 3, 2016 due to the Winter Break Camp
  • Resumes on January 4, 2016 through February 14, 2016

Consider these packages

Golden Ticket Plus

Golden Ticket Plus is where, for a small fee of $25, you can attend a Specialty Skills Class once a week for the entire semester. This is a quarter of the normal cost of specialty classes. What's great is that the Specialty Class is offered right before your Golden Ticket class each week.

Scrimmage Band + Winter Immersion Plus

Bundle the Scrimmage Band and Winter Immersion Plus (unlimited off-season training that entitles you to attend an age-appropriate Small Group Class and a Specialty Skills class every day) for great savings.


Don't forget the Early Bird Specials

Golden Ticket

Save up to $125 on our Golden Ticket programs with early bird specials.

Scrimmage Band

Save $50 on our Scrimmage Band with early bird specials.