Customized Packages

We offer CUSTOMIZED options such as TEAM TRAINING, PRIVATE LESSONS for one player or DUAL PRIVATE LESSONS for two players.  And don't forget CLUB DEALS with a dual private and a specialty class too (we offer that to support our local affiliate soccer clubs).

Who Purchases Customized Products?

Customized options are offered at limited time and are in limited supply. They can only be made by appointment and are geared towards beginner and advanced players, alike.

Team Training

Team Training amounts to a rate of $50 a month per player (it's $100 total for two months for each player on the team and your team would need a total of 12 players).  We send a trainer or coach to your field to offer a structured session. The cool part is that, individually, each player on the team can come in and do up to two Specialty Classes per week at Avila Soccer.

Privates Lessons

We have had (and continue to have) a variety of players in private lessons—from MLS players to foreign-born players, USA National team pool players, collegiate players, beginners, and kids with serious disabilities whose only goal is to play like other kids at recess. I like to remind the Avila trainers daily of the immense adaptability they must possesses in order to serve the entire soccer community.

Dual Privates Lessons and Club Deals

These two customized products are similar except that the Club Deals also offer players a Dual Private Lesson and a Specialty Skills Class. This allows players to split the price, so it is an excellent deal for the wallet. The reason we offer this low-cost customized package product is because soccer isn't played in a vacuum. It's a social game and when one considers the two players plus the trainer, we now have a triangle with an exponential number of drills and situations that we can implement. And because there are only two players, it still retains the best aspects of a private lesson because the trainer can closely watch both players. That's what customization is all about.

Gift Cards

These speak for themselves and make fantastic Birthday/Christmas/Just Because gifts too. But at any time of the year, it's a great feeling to just hand something tangible like a gift card to a friend—a truly transformative gift. Because let's not forget that sports are wonderful mechanisms of socialization, and players really need soccer the way we do it at Avila!