Class Packages

What Is Meant by Class Packages?

When we refer to classes at Avila, we specifically mean one of two things: (1) an Age-Appropriate Small Group Skills Class --OR-- (2) a Specialty Skills Class.

Typically, classes are taken over a one-month period. On the daily schedule, Monday through Friday, one can refer to a specific Avila location out of the 3 and additionally find a certain skill class they would like to join. Each class will have 1 trainer teaching a group of 6-7 year olds/8-11 year olds/or 12-16 year olds in a 45-minute time period.

CLASS PACKAGES, on the other hand, are used over a longer period than just one month. Class Packages are basically discounted deals that apply best to clients who fit this description:

  • Have more than one child,
  • Want to train for more than one month, or
  • Would like to combine more than one product

Furthermore, classes are open to everyone, unlike other products we offer such as Scrimmages (known as Golden Ticket and by invitation only) or Private Lessons (also by appointment only). One other difference between classes and Golden Ticket is that Golden Ticket is purely tactical and doesn't involve any type of skills training.

We also offer Team Training, Individual Private Lessons (for one player), and Dual Private Lessons (for two players). 

Club Deals work similarly and are aimed at players from a particular soccer club.

These products fall under the PACKAGE category known as CUSTOMIZED and must made by appointment only. These fancy classes are very popular and are suited to fit players' specific needs and training.

How Do We Group Age-Appropriate Classes?

Be assured that players will only work with kids of similar age and ability, boosting players' confidence with an age appropriate challenge.

You can expect the following seven characteristics in an Age-Appropriate Small Group Class:

  1. Skills deconstruction (breaking down each aspect of a skill)
  2. Multiple skill sets addressed
  3. Players divided by age and ability** (absolutely a priority we respect)
  4. Creative coaching
  5. Interactive drills
  6. Skills games using props such as cones and garbage cans to promote creativity and healthy competition.
  7. Some small-sided scrimmaging (occasionally we wrap up a class with a ten- or 15-minute scrimmage)

Specialty Skills Classes Are a Totally Different Breed of Class

Our two main Specialty Classes are Shooting Mechanics and Dribbling is an AttitudeClick here for a full list of Specialty Skills Classes »

What makes Specialty Classes "special" so to speak is the sports science behind them. We meticulously deconstruct each skill using the universal laws and principles of mechanics which govern all movement for all things related to soccer.

From the approach on the ball, to plant-foot positioning, to the point of contact, to the angle of release, to the turning radius, to the rotary momentum, to the critical velocity and the follow-through—every aspect of the skill is broken down mechanically so that the player can process it, embrace it, and experience a sense of attainment!