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Think of the TPS score as tool for parents, whereas Performance Assessments are a tool for Trainers

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The TPS generally correlate with the colors as can be seen in this diagram. The armband color awarded after the exam is based on the lowest score you got in any one category. That is the key. If you are unbalanced in how you tested out, it is possible you may be wearing an armband color which is below where you really are scoring overall. That means you probably did really well in some areas, an not in others. The armband is a measure of certain level amongst all categories designed to encourage balance amongst skills sets.


The Total Performance Score (TPS) is very similar to the Armband Levels. We needed both a detailed and a broad system if we we're going to address the needs of parents on one hand–wanting to understand how exactly to help their kids improve, versus the needs of our trainers on the other–who must quickly conduct Performance Assessments to make a crucial decision, which is how best to partner up players.

So think of the TPS Score as a tool specifically made for parents while Performance Assessments are a tool for trainers. Parents can study the TPS at home in detail. Trainers can render a Performance Assessment live on the field. For that reason, TP Scoring is laid out like a user guide where parents easily see progress and incremental improvements in one table. Players can also earn achievement points (points received for achieving the next level) added to their score above and beyond just the "kinetic" points they can achieve per action rendered, maneuver approximated, skill performed and concept displayed on the Performance Assessment.

Besides the difference in tabulation between the TP Score and the Armband Color (Level) achieved on the Performance Assessment, there is another reason why the TP Score may not match the Armband Color. The Armband Color (Level) is awarded based on your lowest score on any one Category of the Performance Assessment.

So when the trainer sees a player on the field at Avila Soccer with an armband color, they  know the minimum level that the player has in any one category. The TPS however is kept private, which will be given to the player and their parents. This helps them know how close their kid is to the next level (they may have even surpassed the next level in certain categories). Either way, strengths and weaknesses can be seen with a lot more clarity.

It is not easy, but that information was worth the trouble of figuring out a way to share with you. If you are paying attention, you are going to love TP Scoring! If you are in the program and we will sending Progress Reports to let you know how your child is doing! Use the guide below to help you understand those reports even better.

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