Total Development System

Total Development System


The Avila-Exclusive Total Development (TD) System

Cries for the latest cleats, hourly emails from the team manager and the welcome smell of new uniforms can only mean one thing—Fall Soccer Season is finally here.

This season, are you looking for a weekly soccer game for your aspiring young player after which they will receive written feedback from the coach each time they compete? Do you crave steady Performance Assessments throughout the season that would guide your player through a well defined pathway to improvement? How about flexible daily skills training hours - closer to home where you can enter a climate-controlled (no rainouts) situation and choose from an assortment of specialized subjects like Shooting Mechanics, Full-Speed Dribbling, and more?

And what if we supplemented this development opportunity with both, our iconic Skills Camp and our bi-annual Shooting Mechanics Clinic conducted by Coach Eryck Avila himself? We think that would be a TOTAL game changer! We introduce the Avila-Exclusive Total Development System where you can get personal attention all season long! Finally, you the parent can blow the whistle on conventional training and make the right call.

A Simplified Tool - The Total Development Score

Something very special happens at Avila each day. The coaches play too, alongside the players. When coaches actually get down in the trenches and scrimmage, they get to know the majesty of your child. We have found that their feedback is invaluable because of the unique perspective they gain.
That's what the Total Development System is about. Plain and simple. Harnessing the feedback from the trainer in a way that helps your child improve even after they have left our fields of play for the day.
New communication tools:
As part of our new trainer feedback mechanisms, we have designed something we call the Total Development (TD) Score. It is a nuanced tool for development and gets right to the numbers that won't lie. Whereas the Avila Armband system is primarily a broad colorful expertise recognition program, the TD Score gives you a number to gauge small increments of improvement.
See below how you can signup for the Full Avila-Exclusive Total Develop System, which includes more then just testing and written feedback. It comes with perks such as ours Camps and Shooting Mechanics Clinic. You can also get The Total Development Upgrades for less, which allows you to step-up your existing training package with the core trainer feedback mechanisms of the total Development System, which are what make it so unique.

The Total Development System Includes

TD package contents4

Why Choose this System?

A total development package from Avila in one place at one price. This package outlines the full pathway to improvement.

TD convenience TD value TD structure
Flexible daily training hours Cheaper than club soccer Skills development
Closer to home Offer immersion training & games Defined pathway to improvement
Climate controlled (no rain-outs) Assortment of specialized training Technical & tactical learning




guest play The Total Development
System includes

General Small Group Class 
Specialty Skills Class
Scrimmaging Fall*
Shooting Mechanics Clinic 
Winter Break Camp
Level Exam Testing (4 altogether)
Progress Reports

*includes written feedback once a
week about scrimmage performance


$650 Anderson Mill & Round Rock 
$750 Lakeway

$100 off through August 15, 2017 
$75 off from Aug 16-Sep 5, 2017

info black Attending Classes
see below

Upgrade your current program
TD Upgrade (Scrimmage) 

TD Upgrade (Skills) 

TD Upgrade Max (Skills for 2+ kids)

TD Upgrade (Skills, Scrimmage) 

See Pricing Upgrade Chart

Purchase the Total Development System


Upgrade your current Program

TD Upgrade (Skills)

TD Upgrade Max

TD Upgrade (Scrimmage)

TD Upgrade (Skills & Scrimmage)

Includes 4 monthly Performance Assessments (Levels Exams) and Progress Reports Includes 4 monthly Performance Assessments (Levels Exams) and Progress Reports for 2 or more kids in Max Plan Includes weekly written feedback about scrimmage performance and 4 monthly Performance Assessments  Includes weekly written feedback about scrimmage performance, 4 monthly Performance Assessments and Progress Reports
TD Upgrade (Skills) TD Upgrade Max TD Upgrade (Scrimmage) TD Upgrade (Skills & Scrimmage)

Attending Classes

General Small Group & Specialty Skills Classes

Players may attend a one Small Group & one Specialty Skills Class each day as long as they are in their appropriate level. Small Group classes are colored peach and Specialty classes are colored orange in our Fall Schedule.

Fall Scrimmaging

Players will scrimmage once a week with players of the same level. After purchasing, please fill out this form to specify age, location, date, time, and level so that you can be placed in an appropriate group.

Shooting Mechanics Clinic

The clinic will be held during Winter (dates and times TBA). You may choose a specific day and time by filling up this Form when dates are available.

Winter Break Camp

Similar to the daily Fall classes, you may attend up to 2 classes each day, one Small Group & one Specialty Skills Class. Winter Camp will have added Specialty Classes like penalty kicks, bicycle kicks, etc. Camp will be held December 20, 2017 - January 7, 2018.

Level Exam Testing

Included with your package is a once a month Level Exam Testing. Schedule your testings dates by visiting Exam Days page.