Max Plan - Fall

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Unlimited Fall Training

This fall, supplement your children's team practices with focused development. Enhance their on-field creativity in a way that both coaches and teammates will love. Give them an edge to be proud of throughout the season with our Fall Max Plan. 

Affordable Price for not just one child, but all children

The Max Plan was created so the whole family can train at an affordable price. With one flat price, each family member is allowed up to 2 sessions per day as their schedule permits: one Age-appropriate Small Group Class and one Specialty Skills Class. 

  • Ages 4-7: can train daily in our all-in-one class that includes our Small Group & Specialty Class (45 minutes)
  • Ages 8-12: can train daily in two back to back classes that includes our Small Group & Specialty Class (1 hour total, 30 minutes each)

View our schedule to find out time slots for each child.


Max Plan Details


4 months of training for the entire family
September through December only


$400 Anderson Mill
$400 Round Rock
$500 Lakeway

$75 off through July 15, 2016

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Daily Sessions

Everyday for Ages 4-7, one class includes
Small Group and Specialty class all in one

Everyday for Ages 8-12, includes a
Small Group and Specialty class, 2 back to back classes




Fall Package (For Ages 8-12)

Purchase Fall Max Plan & Scrimmaging
together to get the Fall Package:
Total: $500 Anderson Mill & Round Rock
Total: $600 Lakeway

$100 OFF through Jul 15, 2016
$75 OFF from Jul 16-Aug 3, 2016


Anderson Mill
Round Rock


Unlock Your Child's Brilliance Today

This fall, give your child the necessary creative skills to make a difference on the field. Click the links on the tickets below to purchase the Max Plan while spots are available, and prepare your child to perform brilliantly. 


The Max Plan can only be used during Fall Semester only. Can not be used with other programs like Spring or Summer Camps, Immersion packages etc. May be purchased mid-semester, depending on instance (call for consult).