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The Shooting Mechanics Guide above will be used for the curriculum throughout the semester.

The class is conducted with shoes off so that our instructors can literally manipulate the metatarsals. In fact, much of the class doesn't even involve the use of a soccer ball but instead focuses on pinpoint form. Every kid wants to score, give 'em a shot! 

This class is for:

  • The player who passes instead of shoots in front of goal.
  • Anyone who has never been shown proper shooting technique.
  • Players in pre-season or on vacation who have a gap of time.
  • Elite players who need to get 20-30 more yards on their shot distance.
  • Anyone who would like to score more on game day.


calendar Dates
Spring Semester (January-May)
Fall Semester (September-December)
clock Times
Varies throughout the year
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cost Cost
$69/month when purchased with
Age-appropriate Small Group Classes
locations Locations
Anderson Mill
Round Rock

Specialty Class
This class ia a core Specialty Skills Class
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info black Related Links
Attend our Shooting Mechanics Clinic
A can't miss class taught by Coach Eryck
himself, only offered twice a year
Every December and June

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