Emergency Private Lesson

Emergency Private Lesson

Who would benefit?

  • Lost your starting position to someone else
  • Not feeling confident with your performances
  • Not getting much playing time
  • Feel like you're letting the team down
  • Being put in a new field position
  • Getting ready for a big try-out
  • Not scoring goals

What can & can not be achieved in one Emergency Private Lesson:

  • You can't increase your speed, but you can decide more quickly to run onto the ball 
  • You can't master shooting in one session so easily, but you can get your angle of release and point of contact down 
  • You can't master tackling so easily but you can improve your spacing or "marking" overnight which will lead to better defense
  • You may not have an outgoing personality and tons of obvious charisma but you can display leadership qualities right away 
  • You may not be the best player (right now), but you can be picked if you really know what the coaches are looking for in a tryout, as well as other unwritten codes of the game

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Program Details


Days Available
Every Saturday starting December 2, 2017

dollar-sign Cost 
$100 for 1 Lesson with an Avila trainer
OR $150 for 1 Lesson with Coach Eryck
(one time lesson only)
clock Times Available
12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM 

Anderson Mill


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