Summer Camp Orientation

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Scheduling Classes

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Summer Campers can attend up to 2 classes each day (1 Specialty Skills Class and 1 Age-appropriate Small Group Class). A Speed & Agility Class can also be scheduled if purchased together with Summer Camp. You'll be able to choose the exact classes you want--location, dates, time, and type of class. Scheduling of classes opens up on May 18th.

  • Summer Camp starts Monday, June 4th.
  • No crashing of classes, only attend the classes that you signed up for. You won't be allowed to train if you are not scheduled for a class. 
  • Last minute sign-ups can be made an hour before class starts.
  • If you plan to skip a class, please make sure to cancel, even if it is at the last minute.

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View scheduling and canceling instructions


Mandatory Dress Code

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All players training at Avila are required to adhere to the mandatory dress code. All players include; any player who participates in any class or package, including those in adult coed groups, private lesson players and also not limited to players on teams that train at Avila as a team.

  • Players must wear their white Avila shirt at all times. Other Avila shirts purchased before are also acceptable to wear.
  • Players must wear an Avila Armband designating their level. Armbands are located in the bins adjacent to the fields, use an armband and return them after your session. Read about our Subjective Evaluation.
  • Goalies are excluded from this dress code but must wear the Avila armband that corresponds with their level.
  • Use soccer shorts or athletic shorts, any color is fine.
  • Shin guards must be worn under soccer socks. Shin guards are required during scrimmage classes but may be removed during skills sessions.
  • Turf shoes are preferred but if you don't have any, cleats and tennis shoes are fine. Shooting Mechanics class is done barefoot, cleats should be removed before class.

Avila Shirts available

Avila shirts are available in 2 types of fabric–mositure wicking ($20) and cotton ($5). Pick one up at any facility today!


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Checking-in at Avila

•   All players must check-in at the computers in the lobby prior to your session. 

•   If attending more than one session, you do not have to check in for both of them if they are continous.

Players who do not check in will be fined $25.


Did you know?

Anyone who trains at the Anderson Mill facility can train at our nearby Round Rock facility during Summer Camp. It's only eight minutes away and all classes are scheduled exactly the same way.

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Summer Tips for Players

  • Bring balls but don't forget to bring them home when you leave
  • Bring a bag with water and a dry shirt–you will work up a sweat and should stay hydrated and dry.
  • Show up with the attitude that you want to get better, not necessarily the attitude that you want to win.
  • Be process oriented, not results oriented
  • Remember to compliment the other campers who are trying to reproduce the skills we are teaching as best they can. As their approximations get better, and you take notice, do not hesitate to encourage them and tell them good job. Because that means a lot coming from you.
  • Don't mistake activity for achievement! Slow down and understand the nuts and bolts of the move first before speeding up.
  • Don't worry if you cannot get a move right away. Sometimes the class is simply designed to introduce the move and its elements and over the summer's expanse - you begin to master it.
  • Thank your family and friends who bought this camp for you. You are involved in some of the finest training that Texas has to offer, or anywhere in the states for that matter.
  • Make sure to only do the classes you booked online - which should be on Avila's booking system,
  • Pick up an Avila shirt some time in your first week. Wear it with pride, you represent Avila now.
  • Hey, it's ok if you forget your shirt! We will have pinnie vests for training that look just like your shirt.

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Be a hero this summer!

Become a volunteer skills trainer at Avila Creative Soccer. Being a summer volunteer is a blast! In addition to helping players learn proper soccer techniques, volunteers gain leadership skills, job experience, and soccer training.

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