4v4 Adult League - Men's Level 1 & 2

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Men's Level 1 & 2

Tuesday/Thursday Nights

This division consists of some of the highest level players. They are skilled, fit and aggressive, not to mention assertive off the ball. It's here we start to see teams that can not only score, but possess. And for those who want to know, possession in the soccer world refers to a style of play where teams distribute the ball amongst themselves and "space it out" or hold the ball by shifting as a group with the goal of tiring the opponent out. Once lulled to sleep, the idea is to strike where the other team has left holes or "spaces" open in the defense due to fatigue that goes with never having the ball, eg. chasing it. Some of Austin's finest players play in this division and have dazzling skill. Other teams may not be so together, and not as skilled. However, they tend to have enough shape as a team and understanding of tactics to hang in there and nick goals and points from the better teams. Yes, Tuesday and Thursday is gonna be a fun night!

Awesome perk: any player in our league is available to get FREE Soccer Skills Fitness Classes (Speed & Agility, Skills Instruction and Scrimmaging)!

  • FREE Adult Skills Class: Mondays, 8:45-9:45 PM at Anderson Mill

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