4v4 Adult League - Coed (Rec)

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Coed (Recreational)

Friday Nights

Oh gosh, this is a fun Division! Here's your chance, you've got to participate! Invite your friends and family to the games too. We see everything here –  from church groups to families from the same neighborhood, to friends who just decided to get together on Friday nights and do something cool. This is also a very social group that tends to watch each other's game and support other teams, but it is still a tough workout that will cause you to sweat like you've never done before. You've got to come prepared to avoid injury and if you don't do some other form of exercise at home, the soreness will be with you all week. (Consider our Skills Training Sessions that we conduct each day, we also offer Private Skills lessons). This league will keep your reactions sharp and prepare you for higher divisions. It's worth mentioning that outdoor grass can be unsafe for this level of competition. So enjoy our indoor, climate-controlled synthetic grass (no divot) environment.

Naturally, there are special rules associated with this division. They come down to mainly two things:

  • exercising self restraint e.g. Decelerating ones body and not crashing into people
  • having two women on field at all times, at least 3 rostered with each team

Awesome perk: any player in our league is available to get FREE Soccer Skills Fitness Classes (Speed & Agility, Skills Instruction and Scrimmaging)!

  • FREE Adult Skills Class: Mondays, 8:45-9:45 PM at Anderson Mill

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