4v4 Adult League - Coed Open

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Coed Open

Wednesday Nights

Always, by far and away, the most interestingly division. Here as suggested, we're combining some of the best male and female players together in an open competition. In the age of title IV legislation and Women's World Cup Champions, it's fitting the multitude of the exquisitely skilled players who show up to play with the men (and often dominate). As a result, we get to witness some of the best team work, strategy and competitive spirit on Wednesday nights; not to mention the division as a whole tends to support each other's teams more.

Naturally, there are special rules associated with the division. They come down to mainly two things:

  • exercising self restraint e.g. Decelerating ones body and not crashing into people
  • having one girl on field at all times at least 3 rostered with each team

Awesome perk: any player in our league is available to get free soccer lessons at our Anderson Mill location every Monday night at 8:45 pm!


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