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Introducing a 4v4 Adult League at Avila Creative Soccer

Join us at Avila’s Round Rock facility for our very first 4v4 Adult League. Each team plays eight 45-minute matches on Avila’s climate-controlled field, now with FIFA-certified turf. Players receive free prizes and discounts at Austin Soccer Apparel. Season starts January 15, 2018. Spots are limited, so register today.

Awesome perk: any player in our league is available to get FREE Soccer Skills Fitness Classes (Speed & Agility, Skills Instruction and Scrimmaging)!

  • FREE Men's Class: Mondays, 8:45-9:45 PM at Anderson Mill
  • FREE Women's Class: Saturdays, 8:00-9:00 AM at Round Rock (Lobby will have supervision with kid-friendly activities)

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League Details

calendar Season starts
January 15, 2018
7 games

Cost & Fees 

Reserve your Team Spot
Hold a spot in the league for $50
Will be applied to Registration fee

Referee fees
$7/team per game

Guest Player fees
$10 per guest
Cash only


8:45 PM - 11:45 PM (Weeknights)
4 games per night

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Saturdays)
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Sundays)

locations Location
Avila Creative Soccer - Round Rock
16501 Bratton Lane, Building 2, Suite B
Austin, TX 78728

Monday - Men's (Level 3)
Tuesday - Men's (Level 1)
Wednesday - Men's (Level 4)
Thursday - Men's (Level 2) 
Friday - Coed (Rec) 
Saturday - Women's Over 38, Women's (Open), Men's Over 38
Sunday - Coed (Open), Men's (Level 3 Gold)

8 teams per division
The first 7 games, you play each team once,
Top 5 teams have playoff games on the 8th week:
Your team will play the other 4 teams once
4 fifteen-minute games in a round robin format
Best record wins the championship

arrow right League Rules
Go to Policies & Guidelines Page
avila special icon Prizes 
Top 3 teams will be awarded prizes from 
Austin Soccer Apparel

Weeknight Schedules, Divisions and Start Dates

8:45–11:45 PM
8:45–11:45 PM
8:45–11:45 PM
8:45–11:45 PM
8:45–11:45 PM
Division Men's (Level 3) Men's (Level 1) Men's (Level 4) Men's (Level 2) Coed (Rec)
Start Date January 15 January 16 January 17 January 18 January 19

Weekend Schedules, Divisions and Start Dates

9:00–12:00 PM
12:00–3:00 PM
3:00–6:00 PM
2:00–5:00 PM
5:00–8:00 PM
Division Women's (Over 38) Women's (Open) Men's (Over 38) Coed (Open) Men's (Level 3)
Start Date January 20 January 20 January 20 January 21 January 21

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League Rules

  • Teams require 8-10 players (no more than 10, no less than 8 players)
  • Teams are required to wear uniforms with numbers on them
  • Subs are free-flowing but player must be off before the other steps on
  • No slide tackles 
  • No checking against the walls
  • No scoring from beyond half-field 
  • No going in the goalie semi-circle
  • Each player must have their own player card. No player card = no playing
  • 2 fouls equal a blue card. A team with a blue card must play with a player down for 2 minutes

Guest Playing

  • Guest players must present an ID to the referee before each game or they will not be allowed to play. IDs will serve as their player card. Referees will be noting total appearances of a guest player for a team
  • Guest players can not play for another team in the same division
  • Teams playing players illegally will see their games forfeited

Reserve your Team Spot or Sign-up

Click on the link below to sign-up for the 4v4 Adult League.