Lincoln Cabrera, Director of Coaching

lincolnLincoln began playing soccer at the age of 5 alongside Coach Eryck and they continued to play together in college.

He has many years of experience working with children in a variety of capacities. He holds a B.A. in Theatre and taught theatre arts/acting for many years in the U.S. Job Corps program. He was licensed in child care with the Round Rock YMCA and oversaw  the YMCA after-school program at the Wells Branch Elementary School in Round Rock.

Lincoln has the greatest reverence for the capacity of a child to learn, and his patient, down in the trenches approach to teaching has helped him to fit in quite nicely at Avila Soccer.

Originally from New York, Lincoln is new to Austin and would like to thank its residents for living up to their reputation  for good old fashion Texas graciousness!

Some of Lincoln's Students at Avila Creative Soccer

Assertive flair.  The ability to anticipate the hard tackle, win the ball, and quickly generate  attack. These are some of the qualities that Lincoln most admires in a player.  Qualities consistent with many players on his favorite team, Liverpool. Lincoln is famous for his theatrical coaching, and is known by many patrons as " The keeper of the purple cone."....  You'll have to ask!

He also responds to Lincolnberry, Goldylocks,  Coach Shiny Head, Abe, Lincoln Logs,  the list goes on.