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Our FINAL EARLY BIRD sale ends March 31st at 11:59 PM!

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Get $75 off the Summer Train & Apply Package if purchased by March 31st


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Available to players who are in any of the following programs

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Speed Agility Cones

Perform Better with Speed & Agility Training

not just kids

Improve your game with the help of our fitness experts. The Speed & Agility Camp will help children and adults of all ages perform as natural athletes. Speed & Agility pushes the cardio vascular system to push itself to gain explosive power. It provides an education for the beginner and is crucial supplement for the serious player.

This camp is not just for kids, a parent can join their child at no extra charge! Now, players AND parents can have fun getting fit.

Here's a few things they'll be working on in camp:

  • Increase functional strength to gain position against one's opponent and for stronger and longer shots, crosses and throw-ins.
  • Improve rotational and core strength for fast and powerful shots and better overall balance.
  • Enhance multi-directional speed and acceleration to reach the ball faster, beat opponents and avoid one's marker.
  • Improve multi-directional movement to twist, rotate, jump, control, slide, pass and shoot.
  • Enhance flexibility for a more fluid and powerful running stride.

Program Details

calendar Dates
December 20, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018
Includes weekends
No camp on Dec 24, 25, 31, Jan 1
dollar-sign Cost
sale teal

1. Campers are eligible to purchase Immersion Packages

2. Bundle Immersion Package
   •  Winter Speed & Agility Camp
   •  Immersion Plus
Total Cost: $200


8:00 AM


winter mini sched 17c


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Did you know you can give your child the necessary speed and agility training to make a difference on the field? Click on the links below to purchase our one-month, once-a-week Speed & Agility Training now:


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Click on the links below to sign up for classes while spots are available.

Winter Speed & Agility Camp 


Winter Speed & Agility Camp + Immersion Plus 

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